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 About me

William Drewitz (Bill) has worked with ink for 35+ years, and has created intricate pen and ink drawings since he could hold a pencil. He recently embraced his artistic ability to create photos that are a unique blend of color, light, and design. 

What is the process of creating the designs? By mixing UV ink, solvents, and oils a pattern is created and then photographed digitally. 

How did you get interested in doing this? I have always been curious of how fluids interact and how things meld in the physical world.

What would you envision for your work going forward? To create on a much larger scale static photos and also digital projections with music. I envision having art in corporate business areas and in the music industry.

What do you hope the audience gets from your art? A sense of wonder and curiosity about the design and the world of art and nature that most don’t know exists.

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